Things That Make Me Feel Good

  1. Sunshine, blue skies, green grass, spring flowers, and gentle warm breezes. Spring is here and my mood is sky-high happy about it.
  2. When I ask Gabbie what she wants to be when she grows up, and her immediate answer is, "A mommy. Just like you." It makes me feel like perhaps I am doing this mom-thing right.
  3. When Sophie asks for, "More kisses. Here, and here, and here." When I oblige she giggles, and then returns the favor.
  4. When Baby Brother kicks. There's nothing more comforting for a pregnant lady than good, strong, regular baby kicks.
  5. When my husband looks at me over the chaos all around us, caused by two lovely, energetic children, and agrees that these girls, and the boy on the way, were absolutely the best decisions we ever made.

10 Things about Sophie

1. When she answers in the affirmative, she either enthusiastically says, "YEAH!" or pronounces yes as "yesh."

2. However, her favorite word is "no."

3. She loves her hair, especially when I put a ponytail on the top, and will spend the day playing with it, especially when she's trying to fall asleep.

4. Speaking of what she does when trying to fall asleep, she prefers to rub my arm to settle down. Which is okay for a minute or so, but gets old very fast. Her sister used to do the same thing.

5. She loves to read books, and we can frequently go through upwards of 10 in a single setting.

6. She thinks her big sister is the coolest person in the entire world.

7. She is way more into potty training than we are at this point; we're following her lead.

8. She has been eating us out of house and home lately. I'm guessing she'll grow out of all her pants any day now.

9. She is the best cuddler and gives the best kisses in the entire world.

10. She is just the sweetest child I have ever met, and I hope she never, ever changes.

Bonus, number 11: She is going to be 2 in just over a month. How did that happen?


Listening: To ghost story podcasts in celebration of Halloween. My favorites are Jim Harold's Campfire and Anything Ghost. It's no secret that I'm a fan of paranormal TV shows; this is how I get my fix when I don't have time to catch up via my DVR.

Eating: I'm going out for Ethiopian food for lunch today for the first time ever, and I'm SUPER excited. Injera here I come!
Drinking: Coffee, coffee, and more coffee, please! I'm super addicted lately, and should cut back. There was half a second last week when I thought I might be pregnant (it was a stomach bug), and the thought of having to cut back again nearly made me cry (that was mostly likely PMS).
Wearing: Except for today, it's been sweater weather lately. While I'm not wearing it today (because I wore it on Monday), I love my new sweatshirt from Target (I have it in "Nightfall Blue" because I love navy stripes), and wish I could wear it everyday.

Feeling: Cozy. That's my favorite feeling in the fall. I'd love to be sitting under a blanket with Aaron, in front of a fire. That would be perfection.

Weather: Today it's going to be 72 and sunny. The rest of the week, before and after, it's been in the 40s or 50s and rainy, which makes me crave the cuddling in front of a fire even more.

Wanting: A vacation. I could use a couple of weeks away from my crazy busy reality.

Needing: More sick days. Everyone in my family, except for me (knock on wood!) has been sick for pretty much this entire month. Gabbie is home sick today with Aaron, and while I will probably have to head home for the afternoon to fill in, I may be short on hours to cover it. This happened in February, too!

Thinking: About babies. It seems like babies are happening everywhere around me, and both Aaron and I have serious baby fever. My best friend is due next weekend, and I can't wait to go see and snuggle on her sure-to-be-adorable baby boy!

Enjoying: The peace and quiet that's happening here today. Everyone is super busy, which is stressful for sure, but the quiet is pretty heavenly. Back to it!

And just because it's been a while, my girls at the zoo:


Things I don't want to forget

The way Sophie says, "No," with her lips pursed.

How absolutely adorable Sophie is these days. Everything she does is just so cute, and Aaron and I aren't the only ones that think this. Everyone who spends time with her comments on how adorable/cute she is these days. It's pretty amazing. I was joking with my sister that Soph has my looks and Aaron's charisma, so she's going to be unstoppable.

Sophie also thinks that Gabbie is the best, coolest person in the whole wide world and wants to be exactly like her and do everything that Gabbie does. Aaron and I joke that we just have to do a good job raising Gabbie, and Sophie will follow suit.

Gabbie has had a rough month, getting anxious about leaving her daycare and heading to school at the beginning of September. Some of her friends are headed to the year-round school we have in our district, and so their last day is today. She is so, so much like me it's scary sometimes: equally excited and worried about every change. She's also home sick for the second day in a row, and so she's missing her best friend's last day, and I am broken hearted about this. So many changes are happening so quickly for her, and she's really starting on her school journey and leaving behind all thing toddler. How did this happen already?!?

We had an absolutely excellent day at the lake with my family this weekend, and were all sad to leave on Sunday afternoon. (Gabbie cried quite a bit when we had to go, because she was just having so! much! fun!)

Some pictures of our fun:

Gabbie and I, waking up in the cabin under an open window, with the sun rising and the birds singing.

Our early-morning view from the porch swing (moments before Gabbie bit it and started crying, and I was afraid she was going to wake up everyone).

In the water. Gabbie was a little tentative at first, while Sophie is a total fish and loved the water.

 The next day, at about 12:00. I tried to keep her awake, and it was literally not possible. Also, hilarious.
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